Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my computer not working right?

If you suspect that your computer’s performance is not typical then you should run a virus or spyware scan on it (if you have the software installed.) If the results don’t correct the problem, or you don’t know what else the problem could be, you can take your computer into Micro-Vision and we will take a look at it.

Directly outside our store’s front door is a quick loading zone area where you can park your car and drop it off inside. We will look at your machine and start it up to see if the symptoms that you described can be watched by our staff.

Q: Why is my computer running slower than when it was new?

It may be one of several possibilities. Sometimes older computers don’t have enough RAM (the chips that allow programs to be held in the computer’s memory) to perform the latest software. With PCs that use Windows, the Windows operating system has a section devoted to keeping a log of changes and settings called the registry. Over the hundreds of times you start up your computer, your registry can grow very cluttered. This can slow down the operations on your machine. One solution is to reinstall Windows on your computer. A warning though: before you attempt to make any major changes to your computer’s software or settings, back up your data!

If your computer is running slow or sluggish, bring it in to Micro-Vision and we can diagnose the problem and find the quickest and easiest solution to speed it up. Often you don’t need to buy a new computer to solve your speed issues!

Q: How do I get rid of pop-ups?

Pop-up windows are caused by a web browser that’s given a command to open a new window. Often these are ads.

There are many software programs that will block pop-ups, but before you do that, often a quick solution can be found by slightly altering the settings on the web browser software that you’re using. If you want to try this solution first here is a website that lists 4 different and popular web browsers and how to disable pop-ups.

Q: Why does my computer not connect to the Internet very well?

There could be different reasons for this happening. First, check your connection to the Internet. Do you have other devices that are able to connect? Is the problem only happening with the one computer?

Next, test your connection to make sure that it is set up correctly. You may require help from your Internet service provider (the company that you are paying to provide a connection to the Internet.)

If the problem still hasn’t been solved it may be trouble with your router. Wireless routers are increasing in popularity, and they require proper set-up. Often a password is used to make your wireless connection secure so that only members of your household will be able to use it.

If you are still unable to connect Micro-Vision does offer further technical assistance for a nominal fee. Contact us for additional details.

Q: Why do I get error messages when the computer starts up?

A program has been recently altered in the operating system (OS) you use to start your computer. While there is a problem, take some relief in knowing that it’s not severe and stopping your computer from booting up entirely.

If you want to try and troubleshoot the problem by yourself, write down the name of the program or error that your computer is informing you of. Next, when the computer has finished loading, perform a search for that file or program to see if it can be found. You can also search for the file name on the Internet and see if this uncovers any information about its importance.

For additional information on troubleshooting the problem by yourself, visit this site for further details.

If you are still stuck with the error message and need more help, bring your computer in to Micro-Vision and we can take a look at it.

Q: Why do I get error messages while Windows is running?

Windows is detecting that there is a problem in its operations. This may have been caused by switching off the computer before it had finished updating or powering down, or it may be caused by a hardware problem.

You can try and diagnose the problem by yourself with help from the official Windows website.

If you require further assistance, contact Micro-Vision or drop by our store with your PC.

Q: Why does my computer lock-up for no reason?

Computer viruses, errors in your Windows registry and operating system instability are three of the major culprits of computers locking up. Running anti-virus software may remove a problem that you didn’t know was there.

If you are still experiencing problems, Micro-Vision is well versed in troubleshooting computers that freeze or lock-up and fixing the problem. Contact us or bring your PC by our store for an inspection.

Q: Why does my computer restart for no reason?

This may be caused by dust clogging or covering your power supply. If you are using a desktop PC and it’s powered down, you can unscrew the box and using a can of compressed air blow the dust off the motherboard. Also, check to make sure that your power connection is secure and hasn’t come loose.

If this doesn’t solve the problem it may be an operating system error or some other piece of software that’s causing incompatibility. This can lead to your operating system (OS) rebooting, and that’s extremely frustrating. It may require you to upgrade your OS to a newer version.

Q: Why am I running out of hard-drive space?

Software requires space on your hard drive, and the more software that you have, the more room you will need. Today hard drives are relatively inexpensive and have a fantastic amount of room for data.

You can remove old software that you aren’t using by opening Windows’ Control Panel and clicking on the add/delete option. Depending upon which version of Windows you are using there will be different ways to reach your Control Panel.

If you’re still unsure what to do, Micro-Vision can help you free up space on your hard drive or install a new hard drive that will give you more extra room for your files and important data.

Q: Why is my computer making loud strange noises?

Hearing an unfamiliar noise can be a cause for alarm but don’t panic yet.

One of the possibilities is that your hard drive is getting old. The mechanism that moves the reader across the drive could be wearing down and that’s causing the sound you’re now hearing.

If you have an older model PC your fan may also be reaching the end of its life and causing strange noises. An old power supply can also produce weird sounds.

It would be best to take your computer in and have a Micro-Vision technician take a look at it before the problem gets worse.

Contact Micro-Vision by calling (250) 756-1933 or via our website. We will put our years of diagnostic experience and familiarity with computers to work for you. You will have your computer returned back to you in quick order and in proper working condition, if not operating at a better capacity than when it left your home or office. It’s important for us that you are happy when your computer is brought back to you.