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  • Cathedral Grove PC

    From: $1,499.00
    The Cathedral Grove is a high-performance PC in an ATX tower configuration. With lots of options available, you can create a custom high-end Workstation or Gaming PC configuration that’s as unique as you are. This is the PC to view if you’re looking for the greatest number of configuration options.
  • Forbidden Plateau Gaming PC

    From: $1,969.00
    The Forbidden Plateau Gaming PC is a compact but powerful system that features an unlocked, liquid cooled, Intel 9th generation 6-Core processor, a fast NVMe solid-state drive, a GeForce RTX video card, DDR4 RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth and an NZXT H200i gaming case with tempered glass side panel and subtle RGB lighting.
  • Lenovo E580 Laptop PC

    From: $969.00
    Maximize productivity while ensuring the best value with the business-ready ThinkPad E580 laptop with Windows 10 Pro. Essential performance and ThinkPad durability combine with a slew of security features, sleek design, and standardized connectivity to give your business what it needs to get ahead.
  • Millstone River PC

    From: $358.00
    The Millstone River is an economical PC in a 16.5" tower case that can be configured for home or office use. While there are fewer custom options available for this PC, the low starting price includes an 8th gen Intel "Coffee Lake" dual-core CPU at 3.1GHz, DDR4 RAM and a solid-state drive. Case is not exactly as illustrated.
  • Oak Bay PC

    From: $716.00
    The Oak Bay is a very capable small form factor PC. It is slightly larger than the Whisky Creek PC but can be ordered with a low profile video card and a full-size DVD or Blu-ray drive installed. It can be oriented as a small tower PC or on its side as destop PC. Its standard configuration includes a quad-core Intel Core i3-8100 CPU.
  • Pacific Rim PC

    From: $649.00
    The Pacific Rim is a general-purpose PC in the familiar 14" tower form factor that's great as configured for home or office use or add a gaming video card and turn it into a serious gaming PC. With thousands of possible configurations available, this PC can be optimized for all but the most extreme applications.
  • Skookumchuck Workstation PC

    From: $3,599.00
    The Skookumchuck PCs feature Intel’s Core-X series of CPUs. With up to 18 processor cores and 36 threads as well as support for up to 128GB RAM, these workstations can handle the heavy workloads of inspired professionals with ease and have the capacity to deliver extreme performance where required.
  • Telegraph Cove PC

    From: $710.00
    Our Telegraph Cove PCs deliver all the features that most people want in a size that fits easily into any lifestyle and any room in the house. Don't let the ultra small size fool you - it's possible to have desktop PC performance and features in a PC that fits in the palm of your hand. Go small. Get big!
  • Whiskey Creek PC

    From: $729.00
    The Whiskey Creek is an ultra-small form factor PC. Despite its small size (under 9” tall), it offers mostly the same configuration options as our 14” tower PC and it can be configured for almost any application that doesn’t require a dedicated video card. It’s a no-compromise PC in a small box.