Nanaimo’s Micro-Vision is the place you can depend upon for all of your computer needs. We do not provide service for Apple products

Whether your PC is located at your office or in your home, Micro-Vision can service, repair and maintain your computer equipment so that it stays in tip top shape and performance. Since opening our doors in 1983 we have serviced thousands of computers and made just as many happy customers.

Here at some of the computer services that Micro-Vision offers to its customers:

  • Computer troubleshooting. We’ve been working around computers for three decades and have seen it all. If your computer is running slow, acting funny or you’re having any problems with it, you can take it in to Micro-Vision and we will gladly take a look at what’s happening.
  • Computer tune-ups. Older computers can run slower due to a combination of factors. Over the years of operating your computer you may have installed too many unnecessary programs that load when you start up your computer. You also may have viruses, spyware, adware and foist-ware installed on your computer without you even knowing it. Corrupted or out of date system files, fragmented hard drives, lack of available hard drive space, and overheating caused by heat sinks clogged by dust and defective fans also hinder your computer speed and operation. Micro-Vision’s tune up takes care of the most common computer problems that our service department sees on a daily basis. We can also recommend hardware upgrades to make your system perform better than new.
  • Computer repairs and upgrades. When your computer doesn’t even want to switch on anymore it’s time for an expert to take a look at it. Often a simple solution will be found that isn’t expensive either. Let our team have a look at your machine and we will report our findings to you along with a recommendation on the easiest, quickest solution.
  • Network consulting, planning and installation. We perform these services for consumers as well as small-to-medium sized businesses. Micro-Vision provides network design consulting as well as network monitoring and troubleshooting. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with a competency in Network Infrastructure.
  • Network troubleshooting. If your network is already set-up and running but now you’re encountering problems, Micro-Vision’s knowledgeable staff can troubleshoot your network and determine what’s causing the problem. We have considerable experience in network diagnosis and problem solving, both with home networks as well as larger business networks.
  • Data back-ups. This can’t be said enough but everyone should be backing up their data regularly. There are only two kinds of data: data that has been backed up and data that has not yet been lost!Using an intelligent file selection process, state-of-the art encryption and compression technologies and your internet connection, Micro-Vision can safely store a copy of your critical data and files offsite. New and changed files will be backed up regularly to ensure that a current copy of virtually any data file can be restored on demand. And our Remote Backup doesn’t take holidays, get sick or even forget, for real peace of mind. Our packages start from as little as $5.95 per month and will give you peace of mind.
  • Selecting the right PC components. Micro-Vision has acted as a guide for many businesses and individuals that need help assembling the computer that they want to have. We can explain the differences between motherboards, your computer chassis, its power supply, graphics cards (integrated or discreet), hard disk drives (or multiple hard disk drives), processors, RAM, the many Microsoft Windows operating systems, and which optical disk drive (DVD or Blu-ray) best suits your needs and works within your allocated budget.
  • Database development with Microsoft Office Access. Micro-Vision is a gold certified partner with Microsoft and recognized as a small business specialist with them. We use Microsoft Office Access, their database management system, to develop customized database solutions for small-medium businesses.
  • Installation of hardware. Need new computer hardware installed on your computer? Micro-Vision can safely do this task and do it quickly.
  • Remote Connection Support. If you are not able to bring your PC into our service shop, we may be able to resolve your issues using a remote connection. Please note, not all repairs are able to be performed remotely and are limited to software related issues (Internet Connection Required). If you are in need of remote support, please contact Micro-Vision for a support code to access our remote connection software. If you already have been supplied with an access code please follow this link and enter your code to begin your remote connection session.

Are you ready to enjoy great customer service and speedy computer repairs and troubleshooting? Call Micro-Vision at (250) 756-1933 or contact us today.