Computers are the lifeblood of game development and time spent compiling is time waiting, meaning the development ultimately takes longer and leaving “what ifs” on the table. Having production cycles that are years long means time saved compiling, rendering, and building assets has a scaling effect. Decreasing our compile times by 6.5 times (and that’s not even the top spec available!) has a serious scaling effect, and few companies are willing to listen to your needs rather than sell you hardware and collect a cheque.

We got the hardware we wanted, with no proprietary dependencies meaning when it comes time to upgrade, or change hardware for our development needs within our production cycle we don’t end up ordering new machines from OEMs and possibly having machines end up in decommission status or the recycling. Microvision stands alongside our commitments at CD PROJEKT RED to sustainability by understanding the need to not have proprietary components in large timeline productions.

The workstations are quiet, handle all of our workloads without having thermal issues or concerns, and Microvision monitor the everchanging hardware market as to what’s new and coming out and keep us in the loop, but also what’s been having issues, changing QA from vendors, standing by their brands they sell, and EVEN travelling to you when necessary to ensure the workstations perform to both our standard and Microvisions.

Alec, Chris, and the Microvision team are the proof of growing success bound to take the workstation market in Canada by storm, if they can handle making hardware used to make the worlds best AAA RPG games, then they deserve a serious consideration to be your workstation vendor. Thanks Microvision!

Lance Wiffen
IT Specialist
CD Projekt Red

It has been over a year now since I’ve got my new custom built Performance PC Tower by Micro-Vision. It vigorously stands the test of time, as the system boots up just as fast as the day I bought it. The build is stable, lightning fast, and I absolutely Love it! Thanks to the Micro-Vision team for your professionalism and ongoing exceptional client care!

Ron Lotan 

I have always yearned to have a computer that would run Microsoft’s Flight Simulators with enough power to make them run smoothly with graphics and other settings at a high resolution. I googled “gamer computers” and found the Micro-Vision website which is impressive. They had two high performance PC’s on the website and I was prepared to go for the expensive one if that was what was necessary.

I went into the store on a Tuesday afternoon and was greeted by the manager. I told him I was looking for a game computer and what I wanted to use on it. He showed me the 14-inch Tower PC and he recommended a number of changes to bring it up to the speed and power to run FSX. I agreed to all his suggestions. He said it would take up to a week to set it up and he would phone when it was ready. Three days later I picked it up and it is just fabulous. I had been in computers for business since 1983.

I found the staff to be very friendly and extremely knowledgeable and professional to deal with. They answered all my questions and I never felt rushed. I would recommend Micro-Vision to anyone having personal or business computing needs.

Jack Smith 

I have been dealing with Micro-Vision for over 6 years since they built my computer to my specifications. They were extremely knowledgeable and created a machine to meet all my needs. Yearly I take it in for maintenance and virus program renewal and am always greeted by courteous staff who put my computer back in first class shape for another year. Though I have used other computer places over the past 25 years, rarely have I received such excellent service and am left with the confidence that true professionals are dealing with my issues.

Don Osterman   

I wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received from you with the purchase of your “Micro-Vision Intel Skylake High Performance PC”. It is the first time in many years that I purchased a custom system and received it fully and properly set up. It’s amazing to me, as you applied some specific preferences, which I mentioned in passing during our initial consultation, never expecting that you heard me. I have been working in the computer industry for over 20 years and have finally found the go-to computer company that I can recommend to anyone without reservation.

Marianne H.

I would like to thank you for the great service and fabulous machine you built for me. I really appreciated the time you spent going over in detail the options available, helping me save money by recommending components that would best suit my requirements. I never felt pressured or hustled, but rather confident I was in good hands. I look forward to doing business with your company again. Be well and stay safe. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and associates.

James A Berryere/ Videographer

Micro-Vision built two computers for me in 2011 and an Ultra book in 2012. I was delighted with the products then and I am still pleased with them after all these years. The finished product prices were reasonable and the warranty period fair-minded. Over the years there were a couple of occasions when I had to leave one or the other unit with Micro-Vision for repairs which were always executed in a timely manner and priced in line with expectations. I unequivocally state that all dealings I had with the staff since 2011 have been very professional and courteous. They are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. During all my transactions with Micro-Vision no one ever tried to sell me components or software which I did not need. I used many off the shelf PC’s over the past 30 years. I have never regretted to have computers purpose built by Micro-Vision, as they are far more satisfying to use on a daily basis.

Mike Whately  

Micro-Vision…they are the ‘go-to’ gurus for all our computer purchases and system networking needs. We have relied on them since 2003 for quality hardware tailored to our needs, as well as full networking and off-site data backup solutions. Professional … knowledgeable … there when we need them. What more could anyone ask for!

Syryus Solutions    

I was impressed with and thankful for the individual attention and quick service afforded to me by the Micro-Vision staff. I needed a new computer system quickly after the failure of my old one. They spent all the time I needed discussing the available system options and pros/cons of the technology on offer. Their honest, knowledgeable assessment of features that were not required made my selections easy. The system they built for me was even made available a day earlier than promised (actually, 3 since it covered a weekend).

After installing my system, I had a setup issue and I dropped into the store unannounced for some advice. Their team successfully addressed my concern promptly and my system is now complete.

I experienced excellent service. I would gladly return to Micro-Vision for my computer needs.

Dallen Masters  

I have been buying computers from Micro-Vision since 2012.

Back then, I was looking to purchase a new desktop computer but was not able to find one until a friend introduced me to Micro-Vision. I had previously bought custom computers from other local computer shops but they were no longer in business. Micro-Vision was able to build a desktop computer that I could afford and was happy with.

My wife and I have bought several computers over the years and have introduced many friends to Micro-Vision where they also bought computers.

When I am ready for another computer I usually have a good idea what I want for a photo computers and discuss the details to get the best configuration at the best value. The Micro-Vision web site makes it easy to get an idea of what is available and pricing before I go into the store.

For my last computer, in the spring of 2021, I wanted a new high-end photo computer and was advised to wait since something ‘new’ was coming out. In the fall of 2021 new hardware was announced and we were able to configure a really nice fast system that is a pleasure to use.

Ken La Rose

My dealings with Micro-Vision was a really positive. The computer was sent to me well packed and as promised in time and perfect condition. There was one issue the computer internal clock stopped when it was turned off.

So it had to be reset every time the computer was turned on. It is not something that you could blame the technician for, it was just a defective motherboard that needed to be exchanged. An RMA # was sent to me promptly and the computer was send back to me with in 24 hrs. So I recommend Micro-Vision to anyone. It is a great place to purchase a computer for any body.

Martin Conrad

I needed a computer tricked out with state of the art technology and optimized to the nines. My brief was that this render rig needed to perform at break-neck speeds but also to work with no bottlenecks so that one can work at the speed of thought. No lagging, waiting for hard drives to catch up or issues of speed bumps anywhere along the chain.

This machine delivers everything I wanted and then some. Not only powerful but tidy, organized and ruggedly built.

I’m incredibly happy with the computer Micro-Vision made for me and I whole heartedly recommended them. Delivery was also excellent with packaging being very well implemented .. everything protected and covered.

Sparkie – 3D artist 

Sparkie Shock

Micro-Vision was absolutely awesome to deal with. I tried building a pc with another company and it was such a hassle I ended up cancelling the order and turned to Micro-Vision to get the computer I need. It was super simple to build, they made sure all parts were what we would need, contacted me for clarification, and shipped everything a day ahead of schedule. Unfortunately the post office delayed the delivery, my poor beautiful pc was lost and being shuffled around during a brutal cold snap, but because of the EXCELLENT care and packaging Micro-Vision did, everything arrived in one piece and was absolutely perfect. I am telling everyone to use Micro-Vision from now on 🙂

Kathy Bhana

My new PC has arrived and it is amazing
Runs cool and quiet.
The wiring is so tidy. Looks great with the RGB fans working.
Started up first time, no bloatware. The config was exactly as speciified and ran better than I expected. I highly recommend Micro-Vision if you want an excellent PC build with quality components built with care and attention to detail. Many thanks to Randy and his team.

Kyle Kee

I may not know a lot about custom built computers or what it takes to build them but I can still see how much care and effort was put into making my pc. I wasn’t sure exactly what to get and I only did a bit of research on some of the more popular components out there, but when I called to get some advice they were super helpful. I basically asked them about every option on their pc building page and said what I would wanted my computer to be able to do and they walked me through everything. They were very patient with me even though I was asking way too many questions and they gave me their honest opinions, telling me how I could save money on some parts so I can get better ones for other parts. When I received the pc I was so happy with how neat and tidy everything looked, nothing seemed out of place and it was all perfect. The pc runs fantastically well and I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to make a costume pc but doesn’t want to do it themselves. Micro-Vision is an excellent choice! 

kiro “The Crowned Clown” beast

I had to order a new system for our family so that we could keep up with the needs of our 4 teenage boys and all of their schooling/social needs. This system was perfect!! Product quality and amazing customer service are two things I always look for, Micro-Vision more than delivered.
– Ken

Ken John

Was delighted to find a Canadian PC builder. I had ordered a PC thru DELL but it was going to be 2022 before I got it – so I cancelled that order. I looked for other alternatives and found this outfit – just across the Strait of Georgia. I ordered the PC (including a graphics card that is hard to get your hands on) and the price was fair, and the PC was shipped by the promised date. Packed nicely and worked without a hitch. Hoping more Canadians support these guys.

Marc Nielsen

I have to thank you for one of the best services I have ever had on the purchase of a computer and for the high professionalism. After a long search I am very happy to have chosen Micro-Vision. The computer I received was handled by very professional staff and delivered on schedule. I definitely recommend Micro-Vision.

Giovanni Dossena

I seldom write review so it takes something exceptional to motivate me to put pen to paper, or in this day and age, fingers to keyboard. Just before Christmas 2021, I started my online search for a high end desktop computer that would be suitable for work as well as play. I am an avid fan of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. After, a lengthy search I found the optimal package competitively priced at Micro-Vision. They offered a 10 day turn around and they didn’t disappoint. The system arrived by priority mail. It was so well packaged it would have survived all but the most flagrant physical abuse by a disgruntled postman… so thank you Micro-Vision. One final point. Shortly after placing the order I received an email from the owner asking what my plans were for the computer. His purpose was, of course, to verify that the computer package would meet my expectations. So thank you Micro-Vision for a job well done!

Mike Rimmer

Cannot sufficiently express my huge satisfaction with the final product custom PC arrived at with great assistance from their expertise. They suggested alternative components which were both better and cheaper, sourced and built the unit promptly, and in all things exhibited friendly and professional demeanor.

Most highly recommended.

Michael Snaddon

I was looking for a company in Winnipeg to build a desktop tower for me. No one here seemed to be able to do that or had the appropriate components.

I did a web search and found Micro-Vision in Nanaimo. I read reviews on them and all the customer reviews were very good.

I called them and discussed the specs for the tower I wanted. They had all the necessary components and were able to build the computer in about a week or so. They shipped it to me express service via my Purolator account.

I unboxed it last night and set it up. It ran as expected and I was very happy with the quality of the unit.

To be safe, for shipping, they put a foam block in the case to support the video card. Make sure to remove that before powering up the computer.

I would highly recommend Micro-Vision for any computer needs you may have.

Philippe Kwon

I needed a new PC and although I have some experience with building my own, the last PC I built was a Windows XP machine, so I was a bit out of date!

I found Micro-Vision’s online system for PC specification really helpful. They have a range of “base” machines pre-configured and I chose one as a starting point. Then they have a system for optionally upgrading each individual base component if I wanted to. The base motherboard and video card were my first targets, so that I could drive a number of displays for my flight simulator. I also upgraded a bunch of other stuff too, including adding a second Hard Drive and juicing up the power supply.

The problem of course is compatibility. What if I chose a component which wasn’t compatible with my chosen motherboard? How would I even know? Micro-Vision have three superb ways of fixing that.

Firstly, when choosing an upgrade from the base component, their online system only presents you with mutually compatible components. Secondly, once you have your final build ordered, Micro-Vision manually checks it out, looking for issues and reporting the results to you. Thirdly, if it’s all OK, they will build and test it before shipping it. That really put me in the comfort zone!

The packaging was totally robust, as it has to be, knowing the handling it might get in transit. The packaging included polystyrene packing pieces both inside and outside the PC case and the result was a parcel which could easily withstand the rigors of transit.

Due to my video card upgrade, they also made it very clear which video port would be live at switch-on, so that I could connect my first monitor there and monitor the power-up process. They had even set up a user with my name!

You might think that all of this would be an expensive process, but I had costed out each of the individual components of the build separately and it came to more than Micro-Vision’s total charge. The whole process was totally hassle-free and I was comfortable in the knowledge that I would have a PC which would absolutely do what I needed. Well done, guys!


Alistair Thomson

Incredible service and fast turnaround. Really appreciated the extra service given some of the “bigger” guys not really caring or having parts in stock. We’re switching all our computer needs to Micro-Vision. Thanks.

David Arnott

Micro-Vision’s sales staff was a great help in configuring the right PC for me. I had configured a rather expensive system, and they helped me turn it into something more reasonable and affordable, and it’s a great PC. They promised a delivery date and beat it by a day. Overall, a great experience.

John Visosky

Sales staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the process, responsive by phone and email in answering my questions about component specs and availability.

The computer arrived within about 2 weeks of ordering, including shipping across Canada so I was very impressed.

The build quality is great, and the cable management is very clean. I was lucky enough to catch them with an RTX 3080 in stock despite the shortage, and they don’t scalp on prices.

I would definitely recommend Micro-Vision!

Tom Taylor

I’ve been searching for a computer building company based in Canada for some time. I came across Micro-Vision, and they delivered me an incredible product in great time. They were so helpful and were available to answer any questions I had about my build. They’re also different in the sense that they only offered items that are available, so that their clients did not have to wait for a long time before getting their product. Computer was shipped in a timely manner, and was ready to go out of the box. Beautiful cable management, everything is easy to access if I need to upgrade or replace so really recommend them for your next computer build. Worth the money for sure!

Adrienne RS

Over the past 25 years, I have purchased 5 new computers and have been more than pleased with the pricing, quality and service from Micro-Vision staff. They not only build it the way you want it, but also the way you need it. It is so important to be able to talk to someone who knows what they are doing and is always available to address questions and issues. This will not be the last computer I buy from Micro-Vision. Happy, happy, happy…

Roy Sorensen

After a lot of searching I came across Micro-Vision and did up and build and I have to say the customer service was outstanding. The sales staff was top notch and kept in great contact through the whole process. I will highly recommend Micro-Vision to anyone looking for a great company to help with a new pc build or any of your PC needs!

Customer for life!

Randy Coombs

Customer service and expertise at its best – As a business owner on Vancouver Island I have explored all possibilities to acquire a new hardware setup for my business and support local businesses. I am happy to share my positive experience with Micro-Vision. I have very specific needs for my business, which requires that a company is willing to spend the time to understand what these needs are. Micro-Vision has been the only company I was able to get someone on the phone and talk to a real person. From there on I have been kindly directed along the future steps. My emails were responded to within 24 hours. Sales staff reached out to me twice, by phone, to clarify some specifics of what I have asked him for. I have received not only what I was asking for, but also within the exact budget I was looking for. In my 24 years of working with computers I learnt to differentiate between so called ‘experts’ and the rare occasion where someone actually knows what they are doing. Their staff is definitely of the latter. I am proud to support Micro-Vision not only as a local gem, but also because of their outstanding customer support and expertise. In my opinion Micro-Vision deserves to put customer services and expertise into their services. I will happily purchase any computer related equipment at Micro-Vision in the future. We need more companies like Micro-Vision and I would like to express my deepest thanks to the entire Micro-Vision team for a throughout positive experience. I did not believe companies like yours exist anymore these days.

Matthias Bass

Went there to inquire about having a gaming computer built for my son and was welcomed with great care and respect. I told them what i was looking for specifically and they were able to answer all my questions without hesitation (and then some). Really impressed with their customer service and the quality of their products. They are very knowledgeable and honest. They didn’t try to up sell me on anything unnecessary and their prices seem very fair. Went in on a Friday with my ideas…back the following Monday with a down payment and the computer was ready to go the following Monday. 10/10 highly recommend Micro-Vision for all your computer needs and especially if you are looking to support a local business

Nicholas Wedge

I knew that this year I was going to replace my eight year old desktop system; as a professional photographer I had specific requirements for programs I use regularly, so I did some research and visited half a dozen local businesses to see what was available. All offered more or less than what I wanted; it was a friendly young guy in Costco who suggested I look into a custom build. A Google search led me to Micro-Vision; I was impressed that their website allowed me to put together the features I wanted. But I still had a few questions! They promptly replied to my emails and phone calls. Two fairly minor tweaks had to be made during the build and the guys clearly communicated with me every step of the way.
Their commitment to a great customer experience is rare these days, beginning with their website and concluding with the final check to be sure I was happy with the system I purchased. I can completely and unconditionally recommend this company – thanks again guys, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Cheryl Wiens
Sweet Life Portraits, Mission, B.C.

Cheryl Wiens

I was impressed with and thankful for the individual attention and quick service afforded to me by the Micro-Vision staff. I needed a new computer system quickly after the failure of my old one. They spent all the time I needed discussing the available system options and pros/cons of the technology on offer. Their honest, knowledgeable assessment of features that were not required made my selections easy. The system they built for me was even made available a day earlier than promised (actually, 3 since it covered a weekend).

After installing my system, I had a setup issue and I dropped into the store unannounced for some advice. Their staff successfully addressed my concern promptly and my system is now complete.

I experienced excellent service. I would gladly return to Micro-Vision for my computer needs.

Dallen Masters

Had an excellent experience with Micro-Vision on making my new graphic design/streaming computer. Professional advice, and when there was any issue they were more than willing to work with me to sort it out. Went above and beyond! Will go to them again anytime.

Liam Worthington

Great pricing and you can pick-and-choose all options to get exactly the system you want without any junk or trial software. System was packed carefully for shipping and arrived quickly. Great service. Recommended.

Kenneth Black

We just replaced our small business computer with a new unit from Micro-Vision and we were very pleased. We required a bit of customization, and we got a quality product at a very reasonable price. And great service too.

Fraser Lee

These guys went out of their way to set me up with a rush order. Got the computers on time, and they are *perfect*. Thanks guys, hope to do business again soon!

Brian Ogletree

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